5 Things That Will Happen on Your First Day of Work

Jun 6, 2020Career Advancement0 comments

You Will Get to Meet Your Coworkers for the First Time

Most likely your boss or one of your coworkers will greet you at the front desk. After that, more than likely he or she will bring you to your desk and this is when you get to meet your coworkers. At this time, you should be the one to initiate handshakes and greet as many people as you can. After all, first impressions are important—Oh, and smile at people. Your mouth might hurt at the end of the day, but it’ll be worth it.

You Get to See Your Workspace

If you’re a recent graduate or this is your first job, this is the most exciting part. Because once you have your own desk and workspace, that’s when it feels official. That’s when you know you are part of the company and it feels like you actually work here. It’s kind of similar to an officiation or coronation day but for you.

The Day Will be Boring

Besides the welcoming ceremony when you get to meet your coworkers, you might find yourself sitting at your desk looking at documents or going on training all day. If you started at a busy time, more likely than not you will be thrown into the thick of things.

You Will feel awkward

There is no way getting around this one. You will feel like the odd one out. The black sheep. The newb. Since you don’t know anyone yet, you probably feel uncomfortable striking up a conversation with your coworker in fear of bothering them. You will either sit quietly at your desk or try to avoid eye contact altogether. Unless you already know someone at your new workplace, great! Otherwise, don’t worry because this is totally normal. You will be okay!

You Will Spend the Day Going on Training

The first day of work is full of uncertainty because different workplaces have different orientation systems set up. But all the activities are there to help you get acquainted with your new workplace and your coworkers. More often than not, your boss will start training you on day one. That means you might be sitting with your boss at training sessions, eating lunch together, or sitting at your desk going over your job duty and reading documents to help you do your job. Other times, you will be thrown into the role of your job and start working from day one.


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