Five Ways You Can Become More Eco-friendly

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Have you ever gone grocery shopping and told yourself, “I’m buying these to cook for dinner tonight and tomorrow night,” only to throw them away a week later because you either forgot or you were too lazy to cook? 

If you’ve thrown away more food than you can cook, I bet you feel very guilty. It’s not as if you purposely want to waste food, it’s just that once you sat down on the couch, you got too comfortable and decided to order takeout instead.

Conscious consumerism is when you make purchases while thinking of its environmental impact such as leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. For instance, you are practicing conscious consumerism when you opt to buy eco-friendly products like a bamboo brush instead of a plastic one. As the example above illustrates, when you decide to cook dinner instead of ordering takeout from a local restaurant you are a conscious consumer.

The problem is that when you commit to being a conscious consumer, you are allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by every decision you make, and you end up not making any progress at all. 

The secret to sustaining your efforts as a conscious consumer is to integrate small, easy steps into routines that are already a part of your life.

Five Ways to Become More Eco-friendly

As a conscious consumer, here are five super easy steps that you can start today to become more eco-friendly:

  1. Limit showers to seven minutes total
  2. Pour a cup of water and set it aside for rinsing your teeth
  3. Turn off the shower when you’re soaping and turn on the shower only when you’re washing your hair and body
  4. Be mindful of recycling and separate your trash 
  5. Unplug unused electronics

Start Small

To be eco-friendly, you don’t have to completely overhaul your house (e.g. throw away all your plastic, etc.). What matters is that you make a conscious effort to start small.

Start by implementing these eco-friendly tips today and then over time, introduce other sustainable methods into your life.


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