Top 10 AmazonBasics Essentials for Your First Apartment

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No matter what part of your career you are in right now, one of the most difficult things women can be indecisive about is a work bag. Yes, a work bag. 

A work bag is an investment. A fashion statement. And an essential item—especially at a time when you’re just starting out in your career. 

But there are so many options flooding the market that it takes forever to find the right one. Should you get a tote? A backpack? What about a laptop bag?

Another factor you have to consider is your budget. Expensive brands like Madewell will cost you a lot more than basic brands at Walmart and Target.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t afford a bag at all. 

If you want a bag that’s affordable and works, here is a list of the top eight most affordable work bags under $50 that you can buy on Amazon right now.

  1. AmazonBasics Comforter – Boasting over 2,000 reviews, this Amazon Basics Comforter comes in a variety of sizes—40 to be exact! Affordable, lightweight, and thin, this is a great comforter to start with until you can afford a larger set. The comforter is ideal for spring or summer months. Reviewers have also noted that it is soft and washes and dries well. 
  2. AmazonBasics Metal Platform Bed – 94% of customers rated this metal frame four stars and above. Not only is this metal platform bed sturdy and easy to assemble, but you can store items underneath the bed. This is why I recommend you buy the following bed skirt because the ruffles cover up any storage you have underneath to make your bed look full and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. AmazonBasics Ruffled Bed Skirt – This is cheap, but it works! Just take a look at some of the pictures reviewers have posted on Amazon. Your bed will look amazing with these on.
  4. Amazon Basics Sherpa Throw Blanket – Thick and soft, this doubled sided sherpa blanket is perfect to throw on when you want to Netflix and chill at night. It is also marked as an Amazon’s Choice.  
  5. AmazonBasics Collapsible Basic Storage Cubes – These are collapsable so you can remove them if you need more space. Perfect for storing all your items. You can hide them underneath the metal platform bed and behind the bed skirt. A win-win situation! 
  6. AmazonBasics Shoe Rack Organizer – This is one of those essential items that you think you don’t need but you actually need it. Otherwise, where would you store all your shoes and your guests’ shoes? For such a cheap price, these are pretty sturdy!
  7. AmazonBasics Pillow Set – These come in sets of two, which is pretty great at just $30.13. The white pattern on the pillow makes it look more exquisite and expensive than it actually is. Check it out!
  8. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Trash Can – This stainless steel trash can comes with a plastic top that swings close. It’s super neat because the top keeps your trash hidden from view.
  9. AmazonBasics Velvet Non-slip Hangers – These are available in eight different colors including polka dot pink and blue! You can buy in packs of 30 or 50 hangers, which is more than enough to hang all your clothes!
  10. AmazonBasics Closet Storage Cabinet – This is another alternative to the collapsable basic storage cubes. With lots of storage space, you can use this to temporarily store all your items until you can upgrade to a cabinet or drawer.


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