What’s a Staycation?

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According to Lexio.com, staycation is a vacation spent in one’s home country or house. It also means a vacation spent at local attractions or locations near your house. I’d opt for the former. 

What is the history of staycation?

Staycations became really popular back in 2007 and 2008 during the recession. At a time when people were losing their jobs left and right and too many Americans don’t have the money to spend on luxurious vacations, people opt instead for a cheaper and more affordable alternative known as a staycation.

Why Should I Care about a Staycation?

Almost everyone is doing it. Right now, everyone should be practicing social distancing—which by the way, should be physical distancing—but if you’ve been busy busting your chops around town (meaning you’re going everywhere) then you should probably be on a staycation. 

There is no need to go out contracting COVID-19 nor spreading it around if you have it. 

Why staycation?

The biggest factor is to save money. The second biggest factor is because it’s convenient and easy, both of which are factors you should be looking at now that we’re currently in quarantine. As an added perk, a staycation is one of the most sustainable ways to have a vacation. 

What are some COVID-19-safe staycation ideas now that we’re in the midst of COVID-19?

  1. Play tourist in your own house or a family member’s house.
  2. Do a cookout with your family or friends (limit is to five people).
  3. Dress like you’re going to the beach or pool and relax in your own backyard.
  4. Host your own drive-in theater in your backyard or the living room, whichever is the roomiest.
  5. Go camping in your own backyard. 
  6. Take an art class online or on Youtube and share it on social media.
  7. Netflix and chill with your favorite tv shows.  
  8. Create your own scavenger hunt and invite a friend or two over to play.
  9. Participate in a staycation race!
  10. Curate your art collections. Don’t have any pieces of art? Take a look at step 6.

What’s a Staycation Race and why should I Join?

Did quarantine get you good? Maybe you’re currently going through quarantine-15. No? I’m so jealous. 

So what is this Staycation Race? Basically, you register through this company called Staycation Races and run around your house. Or inside. Doesn’t matter. 

The registration fee is $35.95 and you get cool swag–a t-shirt that’s offered in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You also receive a medal that will be shipped to you if you report within 30 days of finishing the race at you—the best part? You can use your own technology to track your running distance.

Why would anyone want to sign up for a virtual race that you run by yourself around yourself? Well, why not? 

  1. There’s nothing better to do. 
  2. You’re keeping fit.
  3. It’s better than doing nothing.

You don’t have to register with the above website. Start your own staycation race around your neighborhood. 


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